Room Hire

Sunny Brow Nursery School has developed some aspects of its provision to support users and the local community. These additional services can help to generate income, which can be utilised for staffing and further enhancements. One of the services on offer is room hire.

  • Services are offered on a contracted basis between school and user.
  • Contracts are signed on the understanding that services will bedelivered for a fee.
  • Payments are to be made prior to the services being used.
  • Charges are agreed with the Governing Body of Sunny Brow NurserySchool (and may be reviewed as situations change).
  • At least 28 days notice will be given of any changes in charges.
  • Contracts may be withdrawn, by either party, up to two weeks beforethe hire is due to take place.
  • Non-payment will result in services being withdrawn.Charges, agreed by the Governing Body of Sunny Brow Nursery School (2013/14)Combined Forest School - £150 per day for Forest School site and Forest Rooms

    Forest Room OR Forest School site only - £100 (8a.m. to 5p.m.)

    Hourly rate, between 8 and 5, £25 for Combined Forest School (Room and site)

    Hourly rate, between 8 and 5, £15 for Site OR rooms

    Parents Room, Training Base or Meeting Room (Main Building) - £10 per hour (with additional facilities / refreshments by negotiation) – available for half day sessions only (due to use by children at lunchtime)

            Please contact the office for current charges and availability