A day in the life at Sunny Brow


7:45am An early start is available for those children accessing the extended 30 hour service.

8.45am or 12.15pm
Welcome time – parents chat with the teachers and children are encouraged to ‘catch up’ with their friends.

9.00am or 12.30pm
Doors close and the session begins with a variety of inputs – Peer Massage, Show and Tell, even French lessons!

9.15am or 12.45pm
The children work with a teacher on a directed lesson (this could be inside or out) or they have a chance to choose their favourite activity. They work uninterrupted for almost 2 hours, allowing deep concentration and effective learning to occur.  During the session a snack is available, fruit or crackers with water or milk. Children help themselves if they ‘feel the need’.

11.10am or 2.40pm
Children come back together for a singing or story session, differentiated to suit their age/concentration span.  If a child has an identified need (which could include being Gifted and Talented) they may work with a specialist assistant during this short period at the end of the session.

11.30am or 3.00pm
Doors open for 15 minutes to allow for flexible ‘pick up’ time.

Lunch time for those accessing extended hours

3:15 – 4:15
Late pick up for those accessing the extended hours.