Sunny Brow’s history goes all the way back to 1865, when it was built by local mill owner Thomas Broadbent Wood.  The majestic property was built as a family home; with south facing views, atop a hill, hence its name.

One of Thomas’s sons was Edgar, who later went on to become an internationally acclaimed architect and one of Middleton’s most famous sons.  During his very successful career Edgar Wood designed over sixty buildings, many of which can still be seen today in Middleton and surrounding areas.  The building has, in the main, been used as a family home – a grand residence which was even home to the Mayor of Middleton on one occasion.

1942 saw its first use as a nursery, when Sunny Brow became a ‘War Nursery’; a place for mothers who were employed on vital war work to safely leave their children.

Sunny Brow has faced its share of uncertainty over the years and has been fortunate to have a group of determined local people, known as ‘Friends of Sunny Brow’, to fight its corner. The group has proven invaluable in the prevention of closure, once following a fire which devastated the upper floor of the building. Their tireless campaigning staved off 2 further attempts at closure by the Local Authority.

Today Sunny Brow is an asset which Middleton should be proud of. It has existed as a nursery for more than 70 years. During this time every child who has been fortunate enough to gain a place has experienced the ‘Magic’ of Sunny Brow, which we hope will continue for many more generations.

For the last fourteen years it has offered Forest Schooling as part of the curriculum – and is a training base for practitioners.

Sunny Brow is offering some extended hours (30 hour offer) to qualifying families.  These places are not guaranteed.