Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

At Sunny Brow, a number of children are allocated some additional funding.  This funding (approximately £300 p.a.) is known as Early Years Pupil Premium.  It is given in recognition of their personal circumstances, which are deemed to be more challenging than most.

In the academic year 2016/17 six pupils were identified at Sunny Brow as requiring additional support.  For three pupils the money is used to buy resources and additional staffing, as they have recognised Special Educational Needs.  To make our environment, and their learning, more inclusive, we have invested in a sensory room, a specialist buggy to develop co-ordination – and re-modelled a fence around the waterfall (to keep children with reduced understanding of risk management safe).

We will be using newly purchased ’emotional’ materials to support a former ‘Looked After Child’ as they embark on their transition to Primary School.  Two children are from homes which suffer financial challenge – but they are ‘More able’ pupils.  The small allowance will mean that we can buy resources which will challenge them; and support them to reach their maximum potential.


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