What will your child gain?

Your child will spend at least three terms at Sunny Brow before moving on to a Reception class in the Primary School of your choice. Our aim is to ensure that all children make at least, appropriate progress in 3 PRIME and 4 SPECIFIC areas of the EYFS curriculum, outlined below


  1. Personal, Social and Emotional development – encouraging children to develop good self-esteem, an ‘I can do it attitude’, independence and the social skills of working/playing together in a group away from the family.
  2. Communication and Language – the growth of confidence and skills in speaking and listening.
  3. Physical development – including control, mobility (large and small scale movement), manipulative skills and a healthy body awareness.


  1. Mathematics – which is very practical, exploring and developing concepts and an understanding of number, shape, size, measurement, pattern and time.
  2. Literacy – developing a love of books and storytelling, alongside other early reading and writing skills.
  3. Understanding the World – work focuses on their environment, communities, time (history) encouraging them to develop an enquiring mind
  4. Expressive Arts and Design – your child’s imagination will be enhanced through dance, music, drama and visual arts (painting, modelling etc).