All staff members have qualifications in line with, or exceeding, Government requirements. It is a graduate-led workforce and all teaching assistants are at least Level 3. Our office is run by a qualified Bursar (who also has TA training). We have a dedicated team to care for our extensive grounds and beautiful buildings. The school is subjected to regular and rigorous OFSTED inspections and a copy of the last inspection report is available in the office, as well as on this website.

The children gather at the start of the session and then may have a choice of activities, indoors or outside; or they may be involved in a taught session.

There is encouragement by the staff for the children to explore all of the activities and the main session always concludes with a ‘tidy-up’ time inside and outside.

This provides for freedom of choice, as well as for more structured teaching and learning.

The staff team is regularly involved in a programme of training, to continuously update and enhance their professional skills and knowledge. These skills are used to plan a lively and challenging curriculum throughout the academic year. The short-term plan covers weekly provision and daily activities in an environment that encourages eager learning with adult support.

In the medium-term it will involve a cross-curricular approach to ensure breadth and progression, relating to topics, seasons and events. Long-term aims will bring a balanced curriculum covering all areas of learning, in line with the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage.